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    Most of the companies in New Zealand are facing green packaging knowing its benefits. Green packaging in NZ is becoming popular day by day. Most of the companies are moving towards green packaging in NZ as they understand using eco-friendly packaging means simply helping nature. Not only is it environmentally friendly, but also it requires fewer products for packaging.
    Green packaging uses various methods that are sensitive as there are a lot of materials like plastic, paper, and cardboard that are used for the traditional packaging process.

    Let’s discuss why green packaging in NZ is getting popular, so do in the other places in the world. Here we present some of the benefits of green packaging that every business that are manufacturing products must know;

    It reduces carbon footprint:

    Eco-friendly packaging products are made out of recycled waste material that reduces the consumption of sources a lot. That is why it is considered exceptionally good for the environment. Being humans, we all should fulfill environmental goals as well as our financial goals.

    Dispose of easily:

    We all know plastics take millions of years to get destroyed, or decompose and using a lot of plastic, we are making the earth an unpleasant place to live. So green packaging makes sure of using products that are either easily recyclable or compostable.
    If your friends, colleagues, or customers have compost facilities then you can turn the packaging product further into compost. The packaging that has a recyclable level can easily be put in a recycling bin for re-use.

    Versatile & flexible:

    Eco-friendly packagings are versatile and can be re-used for various purposes. It is beneficial especially for those industries that involve packaging. Eco-friendly materials are available to package all types of products starting from meat to electronic devices.

    It improves your brand value:

    When your customers see the display of eco-friendly levels on your packaging, they get impressed easily. By choosing green packaging, you choose the environment's safety, and it displays that you are concerned about the environment.

    It will give you an identity of being a responsible company and it will generate trust for your brand between customers. Many studies say people love those products that use biodegradable material for packaging.

    Staying away from harmful plastic:

    Traditional packaging methods use lots of plastic for packaging various products, which is a big NO as per the scientists and environmental experts. Plastics that are used for packaging are thrown away after the product is used and it hugely damages our environment.

    By using green packaging and avoiding non-sustainable petrochemical resources, which are a part of all traditional plastics industries are saving a lot of energy and helping the environment. Also, not using plastics various health risks lowers especially health problems when used with food.

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