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    Laminated packaging

    Printstock Products have a state of the art laminating machine that is capable of producing top-class flexible packaging for sealing, wrapping and displaying food products like bags, pouches, sachets and wraps. Laminating clear or coloured films onto paper or card provide greater stability and rigidity, a scratch and mark resistant surface, a high gloss surface and an effective moisture barrier.

    Cellophane Bag Packaging

    Printstock has added a high-performance cellophane bag making machine to its versatile range of equipment.

    The bags are manufactured from high-grade film that meets the strictest industry standards and provides:

    > Barrier protection (product life)

    > Security against product tampering (hygiene).

    > Information, branding and marketing opportunities (printing).

    Our machinery is capable of doing large high volume production runs but is also suited for individual small runs with our range of products particularly aimed at the wrapping of chocolates, candy bars and cookies.

    Customised packaging solutions are usually required in the confectionery and bakery industries by manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers. Colourful images and product information can be printed very effectively on film and improve product awareness and sales.

    Compostable Film Packaging

    Printstock are suppliers and converters of compostable film, specialising in Natureflex film.

    Natureflex film is 100% compostable. The eco-friendly packaging alternative is fully certified to European and American industrial composting standards and has been proven to biodegrade in a home and marine-based environment.

    Here at Printstock, the compostable film is printed, laminated and can be made into bags. We also manufacture pressed compostable trays from Natureflex film, which is then laminated onto cardboard.

    Compostable films are a great alternative to conventional packaging films and are particularly effective for food waste. This eco-friendly option is a great way to meet consumer demand while contributing to wider environmental good.

    If you are interested in adopting eco-friendly packaging solutions, contact Printstock to discuss what we can do for you.

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